Mastering Project Management Skills, Resources, Information, & Tools are keys to Your Success!

Mastering Project Management Skills - you find your project management often rewarding and fulfilling, and at times frustrating and filled with risk and uncertainty. I am just like you, and as the saying goes:

"Been there, done that and have the t-shirt to prove it."

So, WELCOME Project Managers!

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As a long time Project Manager, I have always looked for and wanted an objective source for Project Management skills, resources, information and tools.  After years of not finding an informational website for Project Managers, I decided to create one.

So, consider this website to be your source for practical, experienced answers and insight to your Project Management questions and concerns.

This is unbiased, realistic, actionable advice and guidance as you navigate the day-to-day issues and uncertainties as a PM.

Think of these Project Management Skills and Resources as your "desktop reference" for:

  • Templates and tools ("When do I use them?")
  • Certification information
  • Information on which professional organization is right for you
  • Process-related examples, such as the project life cycle, and a few industry illustrations
  • "How-to" suggestions and Q&A options
  • Recommendations regarding tools, software, and courses
  • Perspectives on leadership, methodologies, and best practices - such as establishing a PMO
  • Outsourcing and trend information, so you are best prepared to address these issues from a business perspective

..... and most importantly - COMING SOON ...

  • A forum for one-on-one discussion and counsel

Importance of Mastering Project Management Skills Such as These?

To provide structure and predictability to a set of activities, whose successful accomplishment achieves a business objective and facilitates change within the organization.

Simply, the successful Project Manager facilitates the integration of the effects of business change, a project.

Easy to say, sometimes difficult to do. You, as the PM are the change agent who must:

  • use your experience,
  • directly involve others,
  • follow a methodology,
  • regularly measure performance,
  • develop a plan,
  • work the plan,
  • lead a team of people to accomplish objectives, and

... at the end of the day, you MUST prove to the business that you have achieved the goals and objectives, as originally agreed.

Sound Familiar?

All projects follow a similar pattern - the project life cycle

However, even with all of the methodologies, templates, resources, and software tools, your success, and that of your team, boils down to experience, communication and your overall project management skills.

In other words, your mastery of the project management skills, resources and techniques contained in the following pages of this website.

One More Thing...

Use of this website and its contents is intended to improve and increase your project management skills. You will find recommendations throughout these pages on the use of tools and templates, which parts of different project management methodologies are best, and the value of training and certifications - all intended to improve your project management skills.

Success Goes to the One with the Project Management Skills

The pages of this site include:

  • business and project structure,
  • the project life cycle and various PM methodologies, and 
  • practical advice and project management skills and tools you can then use on your project.


Each page gives you multiple ways to ask questions, request information, and provide your feedback, as well as special offers - such as, books and software tools - from partner programs and sources.

Your Source for Books Recommended on this Website:

BAM! Books-A-Million

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Define Project Management

Define Project Management - If you manage a project, are you a Project Manager?

Project Leader vs Manager - Project Management Leadership

Leader vs Manager - As Project Manager are you a Leader or a Manager? What are your leadership qualities?

Project Management Body of Knowledge

Apply the Project Management Body of Knowledge for consistent project success!

Project Management Process & Lifecycle

Using the Project Management process and the lifecycle of projects to ensure your project's success

Project Management Office - The Advantages to Your Organization

Establishing a Project Management Office - Realize improved project performance and project ROI benefits

Project Initiation

Project Initiation - Critical steps in starting the project which will ensure its eventual success

Project Planning

Mastering Project Planning - focus on the most critical processes to ensure success on your project

Project Plan Execution

Project Plan Execution - providing advice and resources to enable the Project Manager to “walk the walk” and achieve project objectives

Project Closure

Project Closure - the final steps and recommendations for a successful project completion

Project Management Principles & Controls

Project Management Principles & Controls - your opportunity to measure project performance and anticipate problems that might undermine project execution

Practical Project Management Tools & Resources

Your source for useful project management tools and implementable resources and information

Your Project Management Certificate

Earn your project management certificate to rapidly accelerate your capabilities, career opportunities, and knowledge of PM processes

Project Management Career Opportunities

Project Management career opportunities and certification information and recommendations

Project Management Information - Questions & Requests

Request Project Management information to improve your techniques - submit your questions and requests for information here

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